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Star Wars, XXXTentacion & The Law of Attraction: Futurism and The Evolution of Consciousness

Updated: Feb 20

I’ve been working on this project for the past year and it really made me start thinking a lot about what I’m even doing.

I've had a crazy few years, on top of a crazy life, so I really know for a fact that anything is possible, but when you start talking to some people about manifestation and the law of attraction they start looking at you like you said the moon was made out of cheese, even though we all fundamentally manifest every single day.

We’re all tasked with creating the future. Every human being is constantly building the future every second with every feeling & thought they have and every action they take.

Life is literally like star wars, every human has access to the force and there’s those who mastered it that are using it for good, those who mastered it using it for evil, those still trying to get the hang of it, those who don’t believe in it, and those who aren’t even aware of it.

I can’t help but think of XXXTentacion the older I get because he really had all this shit figured out at an early age. X and I were born in the same year, he was born in January and I was born in December and I always felt a certain kinship with him. X is a huge part of why I’m chasing my dreams, he’d always give these motivational speeches telling us to go after everything we ever wanted and to master our minds. I always felt what he was saying but I don’t think I really understood it until recently.

X had life figured out early, and I think his inability to articulate it at an early age is what led to a lot of his angst. X said life is fundamentally about creation & evolution. Everyday you evolve, everyday you create, you create in thought, you create in mind, you create in action, what you want to eat, what you wear, what type of day you’ll have, it’s all decided by you, and it’s decided by you everyday, you’re the main character in the movie and you get to build your world, you can design your own set.

Everyday you evolve, you grow in age, you grow physically, mentally, emotionally. Life puts you in situations like where you're born, who your parents are and what they do for a living because you are co creating with other people, and nature and the universe as well, there are certain laws that we’re all aware of like gravity and entropy, if you don’t build your body it will breakdown, same thing with your brain, you have to work on everything and get better everyday, and that’s part of evolution, constant progress, not material progress in the sense of acquiring the most things, which can be a part of your goals, but if you have the most things but you’re this out of shape moron, you'd get killed or eaten.

You create what you focus on, your mind is a magnet to what you focus it on, and in our homogenized, corporatized, globalized world of metropolitan cities, social media & smartphones there’s a system created around making us focus on the most dull, mind numbing, negative, fear based, scarce, bankrupt & bereft perspectives imaginable to attract the things they want to sell to us, make us obedient workers, reduce our existence to a set of facts and numbers, and ultimately kill any form of individuality, uniqueness or imagination. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, but what are we setting our minds to? What are we shown? What are we taught? What do we believe? What can we conceptualize? What can we imagine? All of those things are the building blocks of the future of the world.

We’re programmed by the powers that be with situations to promote consumerism, they toy with our emotions, they toy with the infrastructure, they curate unnecessary situations and conflict to further their own greed, because just like in star wars the Sith are never satisfied or content, they’re guided by fear and they constantly need to acquire more and control more, they thrive on misery and suffering.

Feelings become thoughts, thoughts become Words, words become actions, and actions become things. As a jedi you need to use the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. On a fundamental level you attract what you focus on, what you feel and what you are. Like Bruce Lee said, it's all about focusing on the emotional content to create the reality you want to live in. We’re all tasked with acting out the future in the everlasting moment.

If you look at the future that the world seems to be pushing for it seems to be this dull, grey kafkaesque office space world ran by banks, businesses and bureaucrats, and we literally just have to slave away & enter a digital world on some real life 1984 shit, but there’s a whole universe of reality literally happening around us. This cosmic haze of galaxies, dimensions, comets, planets, stars, atmospheres, quantum worlds, particles, waves, birds, bees. seas, trees, & octopus.

Tech elites keep talking about the metaverse and putting chips in our minds to hop in the digital world, and disregarding the beauty and magic that exists in the actual real world happening around us that we can perceive and help create with our actual consciousness, because in the words of Joni Mitchell, they would literally rather pave paradise to put up a parking lot, and its the ugliest parking lot you ever saw because nobody involved in its creation is concerned with beauty on any level, but it's okay because at least the graphics on fortnite are beautiful, & now you can put on a helmet and live in fortnite, and that’s just the general treatment towards the world.

This disregard of the magic in the real world comes from this post enlightenment post industrial western perspective that reduces reality exclusively to its base material form and eradicates any form of spiritual awareness or the exploration of ones mind and imagination because there's no way to control that. The people in the upper echelons of power try to control the dissemination of spiritual knowledge for their own gain, by using it or by disregarding it in media to try and prevent the creation of something truly radical and innovative. The law of attraction is very real, its in every religion and every spiritual practice and has been through time, and I believe that's only a fraction of the abilities humans have that we don't fully understand that have allowed us to become the most dominant species on this planet, and we are still an evolving species, and everything is an extension of that human condition & evolutionary process, from our art to our customs and traditions.

There’s a general cynicism about the future because a lot of the information we’re fed from the media, and the worldview that the powers that be would rather cultivate in order to maintain obedient workers is centered around fear mongering and division, but if you open your eyes and see more of the world you start to understand what reality can be, and how you can be deprived of certain perspectives if you don’t actively explore the world you live in.

That’s why looking around, travel, reading and accessing as much information as you can about the world and universe is so important. If you see The Ranganathaswamy Temple you start to understand how limited our perspective of the world can actually be and how programmed we actually can be. The Ranganathaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Ranganatha (a form of Vishnu), its located in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Its constructed in the Dravidian architectural style and if you just look at it with all of the colors and divine figures & arms sticking out, you start to understand how beautiful our world can be if we expand our imaginations and consciousness, regardless of what you believe about the spirituality of the religion, their divine inspiration & devotion led to the creation of some of the most amazing architecture this world has ever seen.

That’s why a lot of the best designed pieces of architecture around the world are churches and mosques, because people focus really hard on beautifying something for God, the house of God needs to be the most beautiful, the most pure and the most sacred place, that’s why you’ll have places like the Pink Mosque in Iran, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, with its gorgeous stained glass that leaves rainbow patterns on the floor when the sun shines through, or the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre Paris, a building so jaw droppingly beautiful I flopped on all my plans that day to spend a day marveling at the churches stonework.

Those architects unlocked a piece of their consciousness that raised their ambition level to the point where they could design something like that, and everywhere could look like that, and everyone can live like that, if we all decided that’s what we want. If people weren’t focused on fear, and instead focused on beauty, love, humanity, and living out the most awesome experience, we could make an incredible world.

Star Wars doesn’t have to be fictional, we don’t just need to have taller skyscrapers, more condos, more highways and more suburbs, we can actually have a more beautiful world if we collectively understood what beauty was.

We’re all tasked with acting out the future & that’s part of why Y2K fashion & early 2000s fashion is coming back. Past the nostalgia of the early 2000s, I think my generation is into the techno futurism of the early 2000s because we’re craving the future. We crave the Hype Williams, Missy Elliott & Janet Jackson music videos with these spaceships, aliens, dimensions and multimedia worlds with silver clothing and futuristic makeup.

That's part of the success of movies like Black Panther & the Spiderverse series. We all want to see ourselves in the future.

We’re in 2024, this shit should be next level. It should be more than Blade Runner. People used to build cathedrals, there was craftsmanship and connoisseurship. There were civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Rome & Abyssinia with these next levels of enlightenment where the whole society achieved levels of design, customs & traditions that have withstood thousands of years.

I believe everyone but especially artists are tasked with building the future. Artists are tasked with actualizing things from the world of form to the real world, the chair wouldn't exist if someone didn't design it. The future should be like back to the future, it should be cool, it should be about Girls, rock n roll & skateboarding. The back to the future films helped us expand our imaginations. Flying cars are real now, self tying shoes are real now, exoskeletons that give men super strength, and ironman suit jetpacks exist right now, there are people who have been working on hoverboards for decades. Our wildest imaginations, dreams and hopes can come true if we pursue them with positive intentions, dedication, discipline, the willingness to learn from various sources, to find the best process, to learn from our mistakes and keep creating till we actualize our visions & goals, reach our full form & highest potential.

The early 2000’s Y2k Futurism was an ideology, the same as the 60s futurism. We can tend to get caught up with history but its about the future, it's about George Lucas creating Star Wars and showing us an experience of another world.

Fantasies are just unactualized dreams, if we actually create the things we can imagine we can make this place way cooler, it's about love, solutions, invention, creation, building, architecting, flying, exploring, learning, music, beauty, friendship, family, adventure, competition, cooperation, courage, victory, joy, we need to represent all of that in our pursuits and creations, the way you dress, the way you talk, it should all be about manifesting the future, because it's what you're doing anyway, what you focus on is what you create, you get it how you live it, so we can make this shit sci fi or keep it ghetto, which is very easy to do. People stay in dark ages for centuries, and we’re tasked with making it cooler if we know how, and clearly we know how.

Feelings become thoughts, thoughts become Words, words become actions, and actions become things. On a fundamental level you attract what you focus on, you live the life you create. We’re constantly bombarded by negative imagery, but life is beautiful, and can be made even more beautiful for everyone by everyone. For each other, for the people, for the families, for the kids, that place where imagination and fantasy is brought to real life to create this magical experience, that thing you feel from a Michael Jackson song or a Disney movie, the world can feel like what Disneyland tries to be.

There is information that builds worlds that is withheld from people, we’re made unaware of our abilities. I think the future will be about wearable vehicles & technology, flying suits and next level teleportation devices, eradicating war, poverty, hunger and disease, feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world & trying to create as much bliss, harmony, creativity and beauty for everyone possible, and I truly believe that’s partially the artists role.

That’s why I made this album. I titled it The Eternal Flame because it represents my eternal burning ambition in this quest to attain this ideal future in the moment. I want this to be my vehicle into the future. From the album cover, to the location of the cover, the graffiti in it, the clothes, the samples, the lyrics, I wanted everything to focus on this message of futurism and achieving your highest potential.

I've been making beats since I was 8 years old. Making beats was always source of healing & stability for me throughout my whole life when I would move from place to place with my family, through school changes and new uniforms I always had music as a way to connect with people and build communities. No matter what I always knew I had those warm samples I could go back to chopping that would nourish my spirit. I turned 25 2 months ago and I just wanted to put everything I learned about music and the world up to this point into one project and really try to take my skills to my full potential, and try to push us into the future through my art.

I tried to put all my ideologies and philosophies in it to try and force this movement, in myself and in others, to really try & achieve our highest potential as a species, from the way we dress, to the way we talk, to the way we act, to the way we conduct business.

Last year was my best year in terms of how many people listened to my music and I would continue but the usual platforms where artists release music are literally disenfranchising artists & exploiting the world, and that's part of the reason why we don't live in that ideal future.

It's almost impossible to make any money from creativity, let alone sustain a life where you can feed, clothe and shelter yourself, and it's because the world was designed in that way.

The world is built to screw over labourers, and it's no different when it comes to the creative industry. Every once in a while some people figure out a glitch though.

Nipsey Hussle was able to come up with his 100 dollar mixtape idea for his Crenshaw Mixtape and dictate exactly what his work was worth as an independent artist, as opposed to allowing these corporations that are focused on exploiting us to dictate our worth and disenfranchise us in the process.

Nipsey is one of my heroes and I truly believe he’s another one of those enlightened beings that had the perspective to create a better world. Nipsey didn’t like how the industry and capitalists were taking control of our assets & resources which are our cultures and our continents and undervaluing us while overworking us, black people and white people, because the real powers understand race is just another power tactic to control us. Nipsey urged everyone to try & reach their highest potential and truly live out the future.

I have all these streams across platforms so there's clearly a demand for my work but these companies see it fit to pay artists less than a fraction of a penny on every stream, while making millions from our blood, sweat and tears, and to quote Yasiin Bey they are furthering this system of colonial exploitation that is consistent around the world & I don't want to support that.

I priced the album at $100 dollars as an ode to Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw mixtape that was priced at the same amount. If you support me or my music support the project, if you're not familiar with my work the rest of my projects are still available across platforms, I just consider this one my magnum opus and I put a lot of time, money and effort into it, and I truly believe the value to be gained from listening to it will be worth way more than any amount of money you can spend on it. All the proceeds from this project will go back into creating cooler stuff and designing the best future possible. 

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