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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

People are shook man. They’re scared to death right now. That’s why there’s this polar political extremism around the world. Every time you check your phone or turn on the news its a new tragedy with countless casualties somewhere near your vicinity. So naturally people look for solace in their religions, politicians and their political beliefs, and the fear pushes them to various extremes. People on the left are scared so they’re extra nice and irrationally on everyone’s dick. On the other side people on the right wanna arm themselves, hoard money and keep themselves away from harm's way. Thats where I think Brexit and Trump and all these extremities are coming from, fear. And I understand. It’s like sleeping in the same room with someone who’s wife you’ve fucked you know? Even if he acts cool for a bit at some point he’s gonna wanna smother you with a pillow or beat you with a battery filled sock. That’s why white men (not those of you who are reading this, y’all are cool) have historically tried everything to disrupt the black community after slavery. Cointelpro, apartheid, the swat team, the CIA, the Tuskegee experiments, the Tulsa race riots where white people literally burned down black Wall Street. Iran-Contra which was a way to distribute crack in the black communities, and then creating the war on drugs after providing the drugs and getting people hooked in the first place. What kinda sick shit is that? That’s like if I bring all the hookers to a party then call the cops on the party. Like “officer I don’t know what got into them! These delinquents called for a “battry ting” I thought that was nigger talk for remotes!”

I’m an outsider so at first it felt like I had no stake in this weird game the world seems to be a part of. I’m an Ethiopian immigrant, who happens to live in Canada, and my country of origins never been colonized in the traditional sense. Italians tried but they couldn’t stand a chance against old Ethiopian ladies hitting them with flip flops. I wasn’t there but this is what I’ve been told. But then I realized there’s no place in the world where people that look like me completely own the money or the weapons. Literally nowhere. Ethiopia you say? Well we all owe money to the global loan sharks so we have the illusion that it’s our money. Trust me I watched a bunch of youtube videos and read a bunch of wikipedia articles. I'm kind of an expert.

People really fucked shit up when they got nukes. America has a stranglehold on the world cause they’ve proved they’re crazy enough to do that shit. It’s like if you’re about to fight a guy and before you get to him he smashes a beer bottle on his head and yells “COME ON” while sticking his tongue out and bleeding from his forehead. You’ll probably be a little more hesitant in messing with that crazy fuck.

I don’t know man. It’s just a weird world we’ve been abruptly put into and we don’t even have time to adjust. I’m a 98 baby and my generation, like all other generations, was fed misinformation our entire childhoods. But we also came up with the internet and social media, so the truth was more accessible than ever. So we just started reading shit and freaked out but as soon as we decided to make some changes, everyone including immigrant parents and business interests entered the new world. That's why I had to deactivate my Facebook to avoid my moms daily religious meme messages. And that's why the internets gonna keep shrinking to a few paid services. And now everyone’s tryna get adjusted to this new digital universe and they’re making us focus on the wrong things through it. We’ll focus on celebrity gossip or canceling the next person who stated an opinion that our corporate overlords don’t agree with.

They figured out that even though people can find the whole truth we’re also lazy by nature. So we’ll take the information that’s shown to us in headlines. We’re so lazy we literally sign contracts everyday without reading them. I literally can’t remember the last time I read a terms and agreements and for all I know I could have agreed to sell my kidneys. So their could actually be genocides, slavery and famine happening in your own country but you’ll be busy talking about Kanye’s tweets or how Jared from subway is a child molester. I get it, what Jared did is fucked up. But does Jared from subway deserve the worldwide digital coverage? Is that really the main conversation to be had or should we discuss the slaves in Libya, the water in flint, #JamalKhashoggi, or how everyone is bombing the fuck out of Syria? What happened to a judicial system dealing with a crime? When did everyone else get involved? And I get he’s a public figure but it’s not like the niggas a president. He’s not even the president of subway! You only know him because he wore big pants while holding a couple of subs. Is that who’s deserving of worldwide attention and conversation?

There’ll be billion dollar companies having oil spills in oceans around the world and still profiting off Earth Day, or whatever pseudosocially conscious topic is trending, and then they’ll advertise you Earth Day cups made by some sweaty 7 year old Chinese kid with a bowl cut and blistered fingers. The business interests own the platforms where we express our thoughts and through that they’re able to enforce their ideas of moral absolutism and truth as a form of crowd control on some 1984 shit.

Maybe I’m tripping. I just feel like the conversation is manipulated and shifted through entertainment, social media, advertising and the news. They make us care about things that aren’t really important so that we don’t pay attention to all the wackiness that’s going on in the world right now. Countries could be going to war and the main headline would be about a grown ass man telling stories about #MichaelJackson putting his tongue up his butthole, 10 whole years after Michaels death.

And you guys know damn well who I’m talking about when I say they. Don’t act bright with me. It’s the Illuminati. Also known as #JayZ, #Rihanna and #KanyeWest. They are the elite that are running the world. 3 black people. Not the billionaires with the trillion dollar business interests with monopolies over most of our industries and lands, who have members with both the money, resources, land and are world leaders, and have occult meetings in the woods and dance naked and shit (bohemian grove). It’s not them. It’s Jay Z, Kanye West and Rihanna. Have you seen the run this town music video? Very spooky. Take this in. They stand on cars in dark clothing in a run down looking city and they tell us they run this town. Or Rihanna’s disturbia video where she acts like she’s possessed? How much clearer could they be? Even though they’re signed to record labels and advertisers who control most of what they do and probably weren’t even in charge of directing the videos or set designs. But it’s definitely them. Jay Z puts up a triangle hand multiple times, how many more times can he confirm it?

"Who said a black man in the illuminati, last time I checked that was the biggest racist party" -Kendrick Lamar, HiiiPower, 2011

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