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LSD, John Lennon and Ronald Reagan: Why The World Sucks and What You Can Do About It

Updated: May 12, 2021

It all starts in the early 60’s with hippies. The hippy movement has been misconstrued in our culture. Because of shows like That 70s show and Shaggy from scooby doo, It’s brought up as some goofy drug infested era with a bunch of dirty mother fuckers. Some of that is true but in reality, for a second there, it was actually the closest the world had gotten towards complete peace. Conspiracy theorists are labeled crazy and there’s a stigma towards them in our culture but there are things that aren’t conspiracy theories that are absolutely insane. Never ending war is not a conspiracy theory, pedophilia rings are not a conspiracy theory, media programming is not a conspiracy theory, marketing teams using psychoanalysis to manipulate our unconscious desires is not a conspiracy theory, climate change and the treatment of the environment is not a conspiracy theory.

In the late 60’s LSD and various psychedelics were introduced to the culture. In the 1950s, the CIA believed that LSD might be useful for mind control, so they tested it on people, some without their knowledge, in a program called MKUltra (....yes just like stranger things). LSD had the opposite effect, it was mind expanding. That resulted in new schools of thought being introduced into the culture. This was a generation of kids that had just gone through two World Wars. Through the use of psychedelics, movements began across the world that called for peace, love and expression. There was a new counter-cultural generation of disobedient kids that protested wars and promoted peace. John F Kennedy was the youngest person to be elected as president. The civil rights movements and Women’s rights movements were catching steam. It seemed as though the world was on the brink of great change. It was reflected in the music, movies and various art of the time. Everyone was calling for peace, the movement was undeniable.

Then suddenly, all that momentum was brought to a halt. Kennedy was assassinated live on television during a parade. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, 2 outspoken leaders in the civil rights movement were assassinated publicly as well. Musician Sam Cooke who was another outspoken civil rights activist was also assassinated. There were multiple other major assassinations throughout the 60’s. Any outspoken charismatic leader was killed publicly. America was at war in Vietnam from 1955 until 1975 much to the dismay of many of the youth in the country. People who were outspoken against the war were all silenced. Muhammad Ali was stripped of his championships and boxing license because he refused to go to war in Vietnam claiming that it was against his religious beliefs and exclaiming the sentiments “ain’t no Vietnamese ever called me nigga”. He echoed the sentiments of many of the young people in the country. People were tired of going to war against people they didn’t know for people they don’t know. It seemed like the rich were getting richer and the poor were being manipulated.

All those assassination were crucifixions. They were to set an example of what happens when you choose to disobey your overlords. The 60’s and 70’s brought great strides in terms of civil rights, specifically in America but also around the world. Segregation in terms of Jim Crowe had ended. Laws were passed that prohibit sex discrimination by government contractors and requires affirmative action plans for hiring women. It seemed like many achievements were accomplished and the world was heading towards a brighter future.

On November 4, 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected president and on December 8, 1980 John Lennon was assassinated in New York. These events might seem like they don’t coincide but they both marked a shift in the direction of the culture. After Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, began using his uncle Sigmund Freud's methods of psychoanalysis in his advertising methods and invented public relations, he did something unprecedented. Edward Bernays made consumerism the main pastime for Americans and the globalist world. The hippy movement in the 60s was anti-consumerism. The hippies were concerned with the private actions of business corporations in pursuit of financial and economic goals at the expense of the public welfare, especially in matters of environmental protection, classism, and ethics in the governing and manipulation of a society. Many of the leaders were assassinated and the movement began to lose steam. But up until the 80s there were still various pop culture figures that were leading the movement. The Beatles were the biggest band in the world and possibly of all time. People would faint at the mere sight of them. The group that proclaimed themselves as “bigger than Jesus” had started off by making pop hits but then transitioned to a more psychedelic style of music which influenced generations of kids to follow in their hippy psychedelic ways. They were instrumental in introducing that school of thought to the masses.

After John Lennon had broken up with the Beatles he started making more political based music. John Lennon was outspoken against world governments and was quoted as saying “we’re run by maniacal people for maniacal means towards maniacal ends”. This was the first time a pop culture figure of his caliber existed, and spoke out against governments. The Beatles were able to exist at the beginning of television and when televisions became household mainstays for everyone. John Lennon was huge, influential and outspoken. John Lennon’s assassination in the 80’s marked the final nail in the coffin for the hippy movement. The anti-consumerist hippies were replaced with material girls living for the material world.

Televisions were in everyone’s home and marketing agencies could program people through subliminal messaging, advertisements and shows in the comfort of their living rooms. Soon after taking office Ronald Reagan implemented sweeping declaration and initiatives. You have to remember that Reagan was the Donald Trump of their time. Reagan was a film actor before he became president, just like Trump was a reality show star. It’s easy to vote for someone once you’re familiar with them because they’re basically with you and your family in your living room every week as you eat your lean cuisine. I’m not gonna go into every bad thing that Reagan was responsible for because I’ll run out of internet, but here’s some: the crack epidemic, millions of aids deaths by neglecting the spread of the disease, the rise of childhood obesity, Iran Contra, helping arm and fund the terrorist group that would later become known as the Taliban, militarizing the war on drugs and disproportionate incarceration of blacks and the prison industrial complex.

The 80s was a facade hidden behind electronic synths, neon leggings and bright headbands. I’m channeling my inner Huey Freeman to let you know that Jesus was black and Ronald Reagan was the Devil. Reagan was creating his own private hell on American soil. The hippy kids had grown up and traded their tie dye shirts and bongs for some nice houses and a couple of cars. The baby boomers that were against consumerism had sold out for gizmos and gadgets. They got married and had kids. The new crop of kids were raised on something completely different. With the rapid developments in technology the world had changed. Before the internet, television had become the only source of information. The news, movies and shows were their only sources of knowledge and information. Cartoons and cereal were a mainstay of our culture. We’re born and raised on this device while our parents work their 9 to 5s. It became the babysitter and parental figure. TV was filled with dads preaching moral wisdom, we were accustomed to learning from hollywood's moral absolutism. From James Avery as Uncle Phil to Bob Saget as Danny Tanner. Television became the guide and moral compass.

Then the internet comes into play for the masses and is the first of its kind. It was first created for the military and then it was given to the public. It’s completely free and people around the world are able to communicate within seconds. We could get all the information in the world at our fingertips. When business interests learned of the internet’s potential it slowly became less and less free. The internet was a double edged sword because even though you were able to find all the information in the world it also made it easier for all that information to be lost in the shuffle. In 2003 MySpace was launched as the first social media of its kind. Chat rooms and stuff existed but MySpace expresses your personality and who you were. It opened the path for centralized all encompassing sites. You could post music and videos on MySpace, talk to other people and talk to celebrities and other people around the world. Everyone became truly connected mentally. In 2004 the first version of Facebook was launched, it's now the most popular social media site with over 2.7 billion users to date after copying and adding on to a lot of MySpace’s original ideas. In 2006 Twitter was launched. Twitter is the first time we were able to view everyone’s thoughts all the time in real time. It’s somewhat of a spiritual connection. You know everyone’s thoughts as they’re thinking them in real time. This wasn’t possible before this. In 2007 Steve Jobs released the iPhone and completely changed the world as we knew it more than anyone could’ve known at the time. Steve Jobs and Apple successfully created the first symbiotic relationship between man and technology. We’re basically cyborgs, even as I’m writing this right now on my iPhone. I’m telling it all of my thoughts, I unlock it with my fingerprint, it sees my face at all times, it answers all of my questions and makes me way smarter than I could ever be without it, it remembers all of my most important information. This iPhone is an extension of me that lives in my pocket all the time. We live our real lives and our social media extensions that represent who we are and our brand as a person. Then in 2013 Edward Snowden was a CIA employee and subcontractor. He went on to become a United States whistleblower and fugitive because he revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA. This wasn’t a conspiracy anymore. It was confirmed that our governments were spying on us through our devices. And they’re not the only ones, that’s why every time you talk about pop tarts near your phone, you get a Facebook ad about them.

So here’s our generation. Generation Z is what they wanna call us. Which somewhat concerns me considering Z is the last letter in the alphabet. What were they anticipating? It’s almost as if they knew where they were leading us slowly but surely. We’re born into a broken world and we have 2 options, let these greedy old fucks continue this cycle of destruction or get up and clean it up. We have all the information we need to rise up and enact change. We can let them continue to pollute the world, the minds of our youth and our bodies for monetary gain or we can bring back the spirit of the 60’s and protest against all this fuck shit. And that doesn’t mean a quick fix solution. There’s no magic wand that can be used to save the world. You can start enacting change by helping yourself first. Here’s a list of practical things you can do to enact some change:

1.Creation and evolution: Create in thought, action, art and evolve towards your higher self .That means your best self physically, mentally and spiritually and financially. Outline what that looks like and progress towards it everyday.

2.Meditate as often as you can: watch your breath or repeat a mantra, “I am healthy, I am wealthy etc..“to reduce unnecessary mental chatter. Watch your thoughts because they become things. Your thoughts manifest in the real world through your actions. Don’t allow negative thoughts because they breed negative actions. Minimize them to the best of your ability through meditation, mantra repetition, exercise, a good night's sleep and a good diet.

3.Create and own your own: Financial freedom, passive income and generational wealth should be some of the goals. With the internet you can leave the 9 to 5 rat race and create your own. Your mind can be free if you escape the preset program. You can speak directly to billions of people so find your passion, monetize it and try to get your money to make money for you. Your passion doesn't have to be an art, if you're passionate about carpentering, becoming a technician, engineer, doctor, whatever it is pursue it wholeheartedly.

4.Invest in assets and be financially literate: don’t trickle off your money on liabilities like diamonds or cars that lose their value as soon as they get off the lot. Look up and create different streams of income and learn about the different types of income.

5. Be more positive: Do things like creating a list of everything you’re grateful for and reading from it every morning. Everything from your senses to the mattress you sleep on. Every second where you aren’t dead is a great one. Remind yourself how much you truly have to be grateful for in your own personal life. Think about all the sperm cells that could have been people, and how truly improbable your existence was. As a human that can see this, chances are you are living somewhere that has internet, food, and access to water. You also probably aren't being chased by wild animals every moment of your life which wasn’t always the case for humans. We have built ourselves a fantasy world within the confines of nature and the universe and have become so accustomed to it that we have become ungrateful and stagnant. A negative outlook can also cloud your judgement and block opportunities. Optimism is more practical. Look at every challenge and failure as an opportunity to learn something. And your positive or negative interactions with other people determines how they act to others and so forth. Be careful of the seeds you plant because they always grow.

6.Journal: at least once a day everyday record what you did. This will clear your mind, be a reminder for interesting/helpful ideas you may have and be fun to read and reminisce later on.

7. Do at least 1 creative related thing at least once a day: draw, write a poem, cook, something that allows you to express your inner being in the outer world.

8.Exercise at least once a day and eat healthier: Even if it’s just walking. You need to see the sun. Think of yourself as a more complicated plant. If you don’t get the right nutrients and sunshine, you’ll die. If one member is weak then the whole tribe is weaker.

9.Listen to music that's good for you from time to time: I like that fun shit too but we shouldn’t contaminate our minds with people telling us they’re murderers and drug addicts all the time. There's music out there that can inspire you and nourish your soul, look for it.

10.Keep a vision board and visualize your goals: Write down your goals as often as you can. Start off with a vague plan and make it more specific as time goes by, but make sure to write them down and make the changes as needed. The ultimate goal is to get paid for your passion. Try a bunch of different hobbies to try and find it.

11.Delve into the arts, science, technology and hang around people that inspire you: These things are a reminder of the beauty in man. There are people working diligently to try and make this a better and more beautiful place for everyone else.

12. Be respectful, honourable and honest in all interactions: Try to remain pure with good intent and action. Some environments breed the type of person that has nothing to lose and would resort to the most primitive measures including murder in order to survive but by doing what they want from us we fall for the trap that was set by the people that built this corrupt system. By maintaining your respect towards others and conduct yourself with honour in all dealings from regular life to business, you avoid the trap doors. You have a goal. You’re actively building your higher self to help humanity, and by falling for those traps you stray from the ultimate goal. You’re fighting for something bigger than yourself.

13.Don’t contaminate the rest of the lake by throwing your own garbage in it: I mean this literally and metaphorically. Don’t pollute the planet we live on. Clean up after yourself and try to lessen the harm you cause to it. Look up different ways to reduce your carbon footprint and all that. If you run a business run it ethically, don’t harm others. Some of you will be leaders of the future fortune 500 companies, some of you will be the owners of Nike somewhere down the line. Reduce the harm you cause to the planet and people for monetary gain as best as you can during your lifetime. And if you decide creating art as your career, remember that you live with a society and those who are exposed to you and your content will be highly influenced by it, don’t contaminate their minds and lead them astray by promoting things that you deem as negative. Try to make things that help people. Promote peace, love and expression, none of that live fast, die young, self destructive bullshit corporations try to push on youth. Be authentic but don't glorify and sensationalize things for clicks or because its trendy. Whats real will always prosper, express yourself honestly and you'll find people that can relate. Create as much unity through your art as possible and remember that people are more similar than we are different.

14.Fuck your ethnicity: Whether you’re black, white, Asian, Arab or Hispanic, Conservative, liberal, gay, straight or transracial, we are all going through the same oppression. It’s these capitalists that are sodomizing us for monetary gain. Us fighting is an ancient war tactic called divide and conquer. We don’t have time to be fighting each other when there’s a real enemy.

15.Fight the system: Always be aware of what's happening and speak up against injustice. Say how you feel. Never lose your passion, creativity and hunger. Educate yourself constantly. Applied knowledge is true power.

16.Avoid drugs: I’m not talking about weed and psychedelics. I’m talking about smoking cigarettes, crack and drugs like lean, painkillers, xanax, heroin etc. They’re created to be addictive and destroy you. Cut down on things that are meant to harm you like alcohol, shisha and fast food. Everyday you create your next incarnation and to be your best self in the next moment you have to build him in the current one, and to be your best self physically you have to work on it. By hurting yourself you harm everyone else’s future.

17.Question your own beliefs often and make sure they’re still true: Educate yourself at all times and always seek your own truth, no one else has all the answers for your life, it’s your life for a reason, there’s no uniform objective answer in our subjective experience. Everyday should be a learning experience. You never know enough. A wise man knows that he knows nothing.

18.Remember that you and all that is are one: we’re made up of the same electrons and protons as the stars. Everything is energy. You have the energy to create and destroy. You are Man with the same ability to build spaceships as you are nuclear bombs. Everything around you was built by men and women who aren't very different from you. You can act in love or fear. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns and close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. You can accept your call to action and act in love or refuse the burden of responsibility and stray from your destiny. Its your call but remember that everything and everyone is at stake.

The way to make change is to empower yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. When you’re financially empowered you can help other people achieve that goal too. The hippies vision can be real. John Lennons ‘Imagine’ dream could come true. A peaceful world where everyone does what they love and expresses themselves doesn’t have to be idealistic. It's finally at our fingertips. It might just include more technology, AI and better hygiene than the hippies might have wanted. To summarize: Just fuck bitches and get money my nigga.

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