JayStation, FouseyTube, Drake, Toronto and The Global Clout Epidemic

Jaystation is either a marketing genius or an insane asshole, or both. If you’re not aware Jaystation is a YouTuber that went viral doing 3 am challenges like speaking to dead celebrities through ouija boards, summoning demons or FaceTiming Jesus (yes he actually called Jesus, Jesus picked up then proceeded to change the water on the table to wine, classic Jesus style). He was basically the first supernatural horror YouTuber, or at least the first one I’ve ever seen. I love paranormal activity and all that shit so I spent a day binging his stuff. It was all cool until I got to videos of him speaking to Mac Miller and XXXTentacion through ouija boards a day after their death. It was weird, tasteless and disturbing. It wasn’t funny, there was nothing redeeming about it and it seemed like his agenda was clout thirsty, desperate and stupid. I ignored him for a while and honestly forgot he existed until my boy went viral again. In a now-deleted video, Jaystation pretends to cry over the death of his girlfriend Alexia. At first, he seems to struggle through tears to explain the situation, claiming she was killed by a drunk driver. My boy wasn’t done there. He drops another video and starts it with a “What’s popping guys, back with another 3 am challenge.”. Amidst all this fun he also remembers to mention that his girlfriend Alexia “just passed away”.

JayStation goes on to treat the supposed death of his partner like it were another ‘3 am challenge’. He begs for likes and comments, he warns viewers about the dangers of ouija boards. He obviously also lets his ‘dead’ girlfriends ghost give him a ghost-kiss on the cheek. But then something incredible happened. The dead girl came back to life, but it was to expose their relationship. This is a plot twist nobody could’ve predicted.

Alexia, the girlfriend he claimed had died, came out of the grave to talk about their relationship. JayStation allegedly went through her phone, constantly deleting her social media accounts. Since this went down on the net, he’s been dissing her on his channel.

According to a new video posted to his channel Monday, the whole thing was a stunt to help them gain more subscribers for their shared YouTube channel, Dream Team. I was shocked, et tu Jaystation?

"Basically guys, what I need to tell you is that Alexia is gone," he says in the video announcing their breakup and admitting he lied about her death."Alexia was never dead at all." Throughout the 25-minute video, JayStation sits inside a closet with a backwards hat on like a gay Ash Ketchum, and goes on to explain that it was his idea to fake her death in order to help her become more successful, though he says she agreed to the plan from jump.

"We created the Dream Team channel together and I was really trying to help her reach success in her life as well," he said. He also said that the couple made $50,000 from their first 13 videos together. 50k?!?! Who’s tryna date and die with me real quick? JayStation repeatedly refers to the stunt as a "skit" and a "prank" in the video before going on to explain that Marano has since left him without any explanation. Does someone owe you an explanation if they’re leaving after you basically told the world you fantasize about their untimely death? "What bothers me is that my girlfriend is gone now," he said through tears.

JayStation also claims that he's now in trouble with the law and that there’s a warrant out for his arrest for assault with a weapon, though according to Newsweek, Toronto Police have confirmed that there is currently no warrant out for his arrest. Ottawa Police have also said the same. Only a white man would lie about possessing a warrant. Niggas are not playing those games. We’re already prime suspects to every crime, can’t give the police unnecessary ammo.

All the videos about Marano's "death" have since been deleted from the platform, and she recently reached out to the public to tell her side of the story. "I felt sick to my stomach from the minute he posted it," she says in the video uploaded yesterday. "I did not want to play with anybody's emotions. I don't think it's a cool 'stunt' to do." Alright lady, give back that $50k then. You can’t benefit when it’s good and leave when the Ouija Board challenge views ain’t hitting the same and call them nasty when you filmed everything. Where’s your Trap Queen spirit at? Fetty Wap is somewhere rolling his eye.

He then responded with another video attempting to portray Marano as the villain of the situation and blaming her for all of it. This is after a video where he spent the entire time talking about loving her and saying she was the love of his life like she was Juliet and he was a white Lil Romeo. So this had me laughing for a good amount of time. I’ve been quite open about my love of internet clout chasers. I think they’re a very unique and rare group of people that need to be studied from an anthropological and sociological perspective. They’re a uniquely 21st century breed of human. I think their genetic makeup is different. I think their bone density is different. I think a vast majority of them exhibit psychopathic behaviour. I genuinely think only a psychopath is able to sink to those levels of public humiliation and not care about opinions enough to still execute these plans.

He must have known people were gonna find out she wasn’t dead at some point. She’s gotta go to her dentist appointment at some point. And yet he still didn’t care. He couldn’t be embarrassed. But then that got me thinking. Is he just a marketing genius? Are all these clout chasers just marketing geniuses? What if his plan from the start was to fake her death and then start relationship drama? What if I’m enacting his plan now by talking about him? As usual this brought me back to FouseyTube and his antics from July 15th 2018 when he decided to tell everybody that Drake was coming to his concert when Drake wasn’t even in the vicinity of the event.

Somehow all this TomFoolery revolves around my city. JayStation is a Toronto native and Fousey was gonna manifest Toronto’s own Drake to his event. Toronto is actually producing it’s very own clout chase mafia from up and coming rappers, local disabled people, crackheads and various people and media platforms willing to do anything for clout. The race for internet clout is on and it’s having an obviously negative impact on my city. Drake recently co-signed our very own Chair Girl, which is a girl that got famous for throwing a literal chair off the balcony of a condo and onto traffic. She was in Drakes War music video before he reuploaded it.

I’ve seen this internet clout thing change the literal make up of my city. It feels like there’s a spotlight here but it also feels like a lot of people are willing to do anything to get in the middle of that spotlight. I’ve seen people drink bong water, eat cereal from their friends mouths. I’ve seen rappers start fights with more successful rappers from other cities instead of networking and creating opportunities for themselves, all for the sake of internet clout. And hey man, do you. I’m not here to judge anyone. Everyone’s gotta eat and if that’s how you’re willing to get food then go ahead. It's still super weird. This is a very recent phenomena. All I’m saying is we have to remember that the goal is to live life and enjoy our wealth. Our local rappers are turning into mini Tekashi 6ix9ines that are steadily getting into beef with everyone and everything just to gain clout and nobody seems to notice how strange it is. We’re turning into a goofier version of Chicago. The goal isn’t to be popular online. I’m pretty sure every city is developing its own clout clan, but it definitely feels like we’re at the forefront for now.

But I’m not going to completely condemn JayStation. JayStation might be using the internet right. You see, the internet used to be fun once upon a time. People had real lives and the internet was just something you spent time on not somewhere you lived and had an address at. It was somewhere you went to have fun and ease your stress about real life, not a place that adds more stress to your life. Back then people would say and do whatever on the internet and nobody thought it truly represented them, there was no need for political correctness because you weren’t on here to be a politician, you were just fucking around. We didn’t care if Fred really talked in his high pitch voice, he was just funny. Then reality television culture contaminated the internet. On every platform everyone started running their own reality shows from YouTube vlogs to instagrams. Everyone is their own PR agency and you’re watching every aspect. Everyone is making their own Truman Show. And once everyone got on it, it became real life.

A part of us is living in the internet. We maintain it, curate and fine tune it, clean it, tidy it up and spend all of our time somewhere close to it. Which is more than you can say about your house. Your house can’t be with you in line at McDonald’s. Once we started living on it, employers started checking it so you had to be extra clean because your livelihood depends on it. And suddenly the internet got an HR office and you can only say the “right” things or you’d get cancelled and have Twitter “do its thing” by getting random niggas to call your actual, real life, work place to have you fired, from your literal job. Because of an internet comment. This is the world we live in. Does that person have a family that are gonna struggle because you couldn’t handle his joke from 2008? It doesn’t matter to the Tweet Mob, they just need to eliminate 99% of problematic stuff like the Nazi version of Dettol soap.

So here comes JayStation, FouseyTube, and even Tekashi 6ix9ine. Their lack of shame is either a sign of psychopathy or an enlightened understanding of the illusion that is the internet. This stuff shouldn’t be real life and maybe they’ve figured it out. Maybe we shouldn’t care about who saw our posts, who’s tweeting or subtweeting us, maybe our social media image shouldn’t matter. If you defeat the fear of shame, avoid seeing the people who are gonna hate and troll you, and you don’t care about the negative tweet criticisms, while being able to make 50k for 3 videos? Why wouldn’t you take that deal. That’s the beauty of the 21st century. If you wanna get dinner by showing your asshole on camera and there’s a big enough group of freaks that are into that kinda thing, you can make a fortune. And it’s q