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How 'Cancel Culture' is Blackballing Tory Lanez Magnum Opus

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I see my life through the lens of music. It's probably because I always have headphones on. Every situation is a music video. I'm convinced I've been put on this planet to stare at beautiful things while listening to beautiful things & eating delicious things. Every single era of my life is defined by music & so music is very important to me. I see good art as a determining factor in enhancing the quality of human life.

My life is defined by eras of music that I listen to. It's been like this ever since I could remember. Those songs work as DeLorean's to specific eras in my life. Any time I play the song I remember the scent of the waves when I would listen to Ghost Town as I watched the pink sunset over the Toronto skyline back when I worked as a Tour Guide on a Boat. I remember all of the emotions I felt at the time, all of the problems that seemed so insurmountable at the time, certain life changing conversations I had that summer. All of it comes rushing back at the touch of a button. Noticing that feeling made me pay attention to music that defines an era of my life in order to recognize music that is special.

In a year where many artists have released some of their best music, from J Cole, to Ye, Baby Keem, Tyler The Creator, NBA Youngboy, Kodak Black, Young Thug, Mach Hommy, Westside Gunn, PinkPantheress & so many more cool artists that I'm certain someone's mad at me for not naming, there’s a person whose album is a masterpiece that the music industry is quite literally attempting to bury.

This is one of the best pieces of music I have heard in my entire life. If anyone else released this album, it would be hailed as a game changer & masterpiece, but because this artist has been “cancelled” by corporate entities, this album has been buried.

After the release of his mixtape, The New Toronto 3, Tory Lanez fulfilled his contractual obligations with Interscope Records and became a free agent. Despite being courted by multiple labels, Lanez was set on pioneering his career independently.

“I’m honored about the amount of interest, but I feel that with my current team and our ability to create and distribute content, we're going to be able to establish a viable and profitable label of our own,” Lanez said. “Am I open to the idea of potential partners? Yeah, but they're going to have to believe in me as much as we believe in ourselves, and that might take a while."

Tory Lanez values his operation in-house. His brand is bolstered by the creative direction of Mid Jordan, one of his go-to photographers who most recently directed the music video for Lanez’s single “Broke In A Minute” and the first episode of his Chixdoc docuseries.

Tory finessed the music industry, he actually got out of his record deal, after using the labels to gain exposure. He fulfilled his deal, he used his time to network & learn the various skills that the top tier industry grade artists use & he created an in house machine, this is the same war Prince was fighting

That was also when Tory Lanez suddenly went "crazy" and allegedly decided to shoot a popstar in the foot. My deepest condolences to everyone involved in the situation but his problems with his label are very public which make the whole Megan Thee Stallion situation a bit more eerie once you see the circumstances that led to the situation. He was tweeting about exposing his record label literally days before the situation.

I’m not here to convict someone & I wasn’t there, all I know is good music & I know that because of that situation, as well as how he finessed one of the biggest record labels in the world, corporate interests are trying to blackball Tory’s music & the world is missing out because of it. They took away playlisting, which might seem arbitrary but that's how most artists get streams, they banned him from all festivals, the music industry has completely attempted to take away his livelihood. They even tried arresting him because he performed at a festival and Megan was backstage,

Tory Lanez dropped a generational project, it's a beautiful, experimental, dark & moody R&B/rap album (HUGE REDUCTION OF GENRES ATTEMPTED) about being a heart broken player. Tory Lanez PlayBoy is The 2020's version of 808's & HeartBreak. I only make this comparison so you can comprehend how groundbreaking I actually feel this album is. This album incorporates sounds I have never heard before. Tory Lanez has been on a wave for a few years now with quality music but the fact that this album is not at the top of every outlet is blasphemous & it discredits the validity of every outlet that does not report on it.

I don’t know what happened between Tory & Megan, but I know good music when I hear it, & I know that this is leagues ahead of what everyone else is doing sonically. Its 80s synths infused with Daft Punk & reggae & soul, I honestly can't categorize it. “And This Is Just The intro” is one of my favourite songs I have ever heard in my life with multiple genres & switch ups, & it was literally only the intro. This man is one of the most gifted artists of our age.

I have been a Tory Lanez fan for a few years now & the growth is astounding, as a person from Toronto I might have been earlier on Tory than the masses. If you don't believe me about his growth, please look Tory up on YouTube if you’re looking for any form of inspiration. If rags to riches was a person it would be Tory Lanez. After the passing of his mother at an early age Tory began pursuing music passionately, he began honing his craft, studying all of the greats, Tory was heavily influenced by many people which is why early in his career he got many comparisons to various artists like Drake, Travis Scott & The Weeknd, it’s because he was studying them & adding his own flavour. He dedicated himself to his craft, day & night, & the work is evident.

This album is like nothing I have heard before & I mean that as a person who spends basically 24 hours a day listening to music. The only album from this year that I can compare this to in terms of artistry is Donda & Donda had every artist in the world collaborating to create it, as well as various visual spectacles, with Kanye’s billion dollar budget, not only is Tory Lanez not a billionaire, he’s been completely blackballed by the industry, & is an independent artist, this is pure artistry.

Play me something else that's comparable to the chords in Deceiving Eve, the harmonies, the melodies, this man Tory Lanez is different.

This album defines 2021 for me, I have memories of riding my bike to this album, I have memories that I can't write about to this album. This album is the shit.

It might be because of where I am in my life, but this album connected with me lyrically, the storytelling was stellar, I felt all of the emotions in Tory’s vocals & I related. Tory is easily one of the best & most soulful vocalists of our generation. I can’t think of a genre that anyone does better than him at the moment. I’d rather listen to the Tory Lanez song of the genre before I listen to the next artist, I want the Tory Lanez R&B song, folk song, dancehall song, rap song, soul song, experimental song, 80's song, he has mastered curation & merging.

Y.D.L.R has me missing people I don’t even know, texting people I shouldn't be texting, being a soundtrack to a real moment in my life with beautiful music. This culture thing is serious & if it’s politicized by corporations that means it’s false. If the only albums you’re going to talk about are the ones people pay you to talk about then you’re selling out the culture. If you want to hate Tory Lanez be my guest but for nobody to be talking about a project of this caliber is incredibly disingenuous & regresses the progression of music itself.

I don’t even know what genre The Serve (it) Anthem is. People are missing out by not listening to this generational artist at the prime of his musical talents. It’s quite literally ridiculous. THE OUTRO ON Shooby Doowoop / One Last Heartbreak!!! This album is ridiculous.

I’m not exaggerating, I think Tory Lanez is unparalleled in terms of talent. The transitions, the beat switches, the background vocals, the organs, & orchestras. This man went ham on this project. The simplicity in beats like Don't Walk Away where Tory spits better than most rappers. I don’t even do album reviews but I just need to emphasize that I have either quite literally never heard certain sounds used on this project, or certain sounds arranged in this manner before this project. If you think that’s an exaggeration I am begging you to listen to this album. Tory Lanez is not paying me, I have not liked other Tory Lanez projects this much. I actually disliked many of his projects on Interscope. His albums had moments & great songs but he had too many sketches & it was always just reminiscent of someone else, it wasn’t the same feeling from the mixtapes. My favourite Tory Project before this is New Toronto 3 & despite being an incredible project, this album is different from any music I’m hearing anywhere else in the world right now, that’s the point I need to emphasize.

Tory Lanez released Playboy on his label One Umbrella Records. Tory has recently went independent after being one of Interscopes most prominent artists, in case you’re wondering why his career has taken a certain ”dive”

There's a certain guilty until proven innocent mentality that is reserved for black men that I refuse to indulge.

I feel like Ye interrupting Taylor Swift but sometimes there are artists who are so far ahead in terms of artistry but due to intense corporatization & politicization we forget what this culture thing is. That's what leads to homogeneity & the committees that are in charge of these things are supposed to keep it alive, as opposed to developing awards as marketing plans & lying. The best people should be acknowledged & innovation should be praised.


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