Creative Youth Can Save The World: Young Creatives Call To Adventure

My name is Allo Kadafo. I’m a 21 year old black guy. I’m originally from Ethiopia, I’ve lived in 5 countries, I speak 4 languages including Arabic and Amharic, my parents moved me to Canada at 12 years old and I’ve called Toronto, Scarborough home ever since.

I have lived in the western world for nearly 10 years but even before that I was heavily influenced by it because of the media I consumed as a child. Since coming to this city I entered a new journey, had many profound experiences, went through my teenage years here and even entered manhood here.

I’ve had a vast array of experiences in my short life and that has made me wildly opinionated. I was always creative but after leaving high school I began further exploring my creativity. I would make short films, video edits, short stories, beats, collages, play piano, paint and I even self published my first book of poetry last year. I did anything that allowed me to express myself creatively.

Underneath all of the art I noticed a common thread, it was a need to tell the truth and shed light. I became an adult as soon as Trump became President of the United States. Though I may disagree with his politics, there was one thing he was right about, fake news. We’re a generation that has been bombarded by propaganda in the form of stimuli, click bait headlines and sensational reporting from trusted news outlets. Fake news was the reason for Trump's win back in 2016. Facebook targeted conservative voters with sensational news that ended up influencing their votes. CNN was another example of fake news when they kept repeating that Trump wouldn’t win and he ended up winning the election.

The deceit reached a boiling point and I feel like my generation had enough. That's why unconventional news outlets such as podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience or even Alex Jones InfoWars are gaining traction among young people. In our post Bohemian Grove, Illuminati Conspiracies, Internet world, we’re starting to find out the world is much weirder than the media led us to believe. That’s what lead me to Acid Rant.

Acid Rant stands for “Actualizing Creative Intellectual Dreams Requires Ambitious Nonstop Trying”. Acid Rant is built off the belief that the world is in chaos right now and it’s because of how the old system was structured. There is a vast economic disparity in the world and the large corporations hoarding the wealth are controlling and manipulating the masses by entertainment media, news, advertising, consumerism and much more to keep the lower classes subdued and unaware of their own oppression. These corporations are causing mass pollution, wars and killing people due to hazardous work conditions but we are hypnotized by the media we consume.

The team here at Acid Rant is a group of young people hell bent on disrupting the program and making a difference, no matter how big or small, during our finite time here on Earth. We believe that self sufficiency, independence, knowledge and creativity are the keys to unlocking human potential and changing the world.

Acid Rant started off as a creative hub for me, my brothers and my friends but it’s quickly becoming more than that. We were all raised on Hip Hop culture so Hip Hop is the lens through which we see the world and thus our art reflects a Hip Hop lens of the world. So we unite creative youth under the banner of Hip Hop to come together, truly express themselves and shed light on the truth. We report Hip Hop news but we make sure to mix in the medicine with the food, like Hip Hop is supposed to. We talk about the issues mainstream media wont touch like Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrews pedophilia and the Panama Papers reports but we’ll also talk about the best up and coming rappers, Hip Hop beefs and the philosophy of Gucci Mane, because that’s our honest perspective.

We’re doing to entertainment media what Public Enemy did, what Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five did with The Message, what Kendrick Lamar did on To Pimp A Butterfly, what J Cole did on David Letterman and what 2Pac did his whole life. Acid Rant is built on the belief that we can change the world one creative young person at a time, and that's what we’re gonna do.

We already run a podcast on Spotify and YouTube called the Acid Rant Podcast, we post news and art on Instagram and we write editorials on Hip Hop and social issues on this site, but we still have more on the way. We’re going to be coming out with Web series, documentaries, movies, music, magazines and much more. We’re going to be the ultimate creative hub for honest art. So if you’re a young artist, filmmaker, producer, photographer, rapper, singer, violin player, whatever, make sure to subscribe on the form below so we can get in touch with you. Make sure to email us at or DM us on @acidrant on Instagram. We’d love to work with you and use your help on our journey to enlighten and entertain the world.


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