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Alex Jones & Ye InfoWars: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Podcast Internet History

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Ye is the goat, no cap. Every time I see this guy, it's fire. This is one of the best artists, overall. From performance, music, comedy, fashion, spoken word. It's not an exaggeration, Net & yahoo? This man had A Net and a bottle of Yoohoo to represent the Israeli president! And the Chipmunk voice?? Are you kidding me? Ye pulled up to Infowars next to Alex Jones in a reptillian mask with a white boy that looks like Justin Bieber & the bad guys from the Purge, a Brown guy with glasses that looks like Doofenshmirtz, a black mask completely covering his face, a $3,315 Vetements & Alpha Industries Connect Racing Jacket, and went on to have the greatest podcast appearance in internet history. There was a moment where they panned out and showed them all as figureheads on a screen side by side and it was the funniest shit I ever seen in my life. It was just so colourful, and weird.

I disagree with so much of what Ye & his team said, I agree with alot of it, & above all, as per usual, at the end of it, I was thoroughly entertained. Ye's life experience may have turned him into a Nazi sympathizer, but he’s been the goat for a reason. This whole thing felt like a Louis C.K. special only there was no audience and nobody thought anyone was there to do stand up, and maybe they weren't, but that was hilarious. This podcast is like the comment section personified.

Strictly as a fan of art & podcasts, that was yet another classic piece of performance by a creative genius. Everyone knows the Ye drink champs interviews 1 & 2 are arguably the greatest interviews of all time, up there with Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo on Joe Rogan & Bill Burr during the 2016 election, but Ye, Nick Fuentes & Alex Jones just created something so real yet surreal & uncategorizable. I urge everyone to watch this, I would say get out your feelings about it, but I think that’s Ye’s entire point. Watch it for what it truly is, for where we actually are in history, for where we are in Ye & Alex Jones lives & for who these people truly are, and feel how you feel about it.

Ye is saying their are good qualities in every human being even Hitler, that’s some wild shit to say, the entire interview was some wild shit to say. It felt like a fever dream & no one was more aware of that than Ye. He had props, he kept saying the worst obvious thing. He did the Larry David “pretty…pretty good” from Curb Your Enthusiasm thing at the end, which, again, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I grew up on the internet, the internet of today is not the internet that used to be here, before the censorship, the real internet resembles what Ye & Alex Jones just did, in fact, this seems to be what everything was leading towards, from Fred, to Fouseytube to every personality, influencer and meme you can think of, it was all leading to this podcast.

Ye was wilding so much he had Alex Jones shook, & if you're even remotely familiar with Alex Jones you know how insane that is. Alex Jones & Ye are responsible for 80% of internet meme culture and they linked up for something so disasterously and hilariously frighteningly fictionally truthful & beautiful. They touched on everything from America, demonic spirits, God, frequencies, Hitler, The Mosssad, & so many other things, I have rewatched this podcast 4 times, & it gets wilder every time I watch it. It's what the internet was created for, this is like the final boss. Ye crossed every line I didn't know existed, had quotables, some of it was just flat wrong, but all of it was entertaining. You're not gonna tell me "Dear lord don't take away the supermodels" isn't hilarious.

If I was tryna defend Ye I’d say stuff like the American government worked with Nazis, but that still doesn’t mean I agree with the American Government or Ye’s viewpoint, I think Ye believes we should love everyone, I do believe that whatever fucked up shit has happened to my mans inside the top of the many industries he has occupied at the peak of fame & influence as a black man has led him to some pretty harsh realities about our world. I didn’t even know who Ari Emmanuel was, now I know who Ari, Rahm & Jared Kushner are.

Ye was wilding the entire interview, and I think he was trying to make several points about freedom of speech & expression, more importantly he was making a point to whoever he’s trying to make a point to. The same people that froze his money & threatened to send him to the hospital, but above all that, it was lit. As a fan of content, this is definitely the greatest content I've seen all year.

We’ve all seen the Harley Pasternak texts about sending Ye to Zombieland with pills, we’ve all seen his finances be blocked & contracts dropped, we've seen them fine Kyrie Irving but let Jeff Bezos sell the same documentary. Do I think all Jewish people are in on it, absolutely not, but it’s factual that there are some. Does that mean you should come out endorsing Hitler? I mean, I dont think I would, but if a year ago you would have told me Ye would be wearing a Deadpool mask and a nascar flaming jacket sitting next to Alex Jones wearing a reptillian mask and a 24 year old alleged white supremacist wearing an Alex Jones mask, I actually would have believed you because I actually listen to Ye. I don't know if Nick Fuentes is a White Supremacist, but that man was a part of something special.

Even though I disagree with Ye's comments, I still don't believe in cancel culture & I've seen various convicted rapists and murderers from internet personalities, to rappers to entertainers get on their platforms and cancel him for his views. As we speak, people's favourite artists & entertainers are renowned serial killers and abusers, but Ye's opinions should be enough to cancel him. In the words of Ye "shut the bless up" everyone's operating on this pseudo or false moral compass that's based on their personal views & biases. Everyone's still gonna play King Von and dance to Back In Blood.

Again, I don’t give a fuck about politics, I overarchingly care about humans, and art, I know I hate all wars, & racism, I don’t like the Nazis, I don’t know if Nasa or the American Government should have worked with them to further their weaponry and space program, but The American Government thought true talent is so rare that they would work with Nazis if it means getting the best quality, and I think that's a deal the people have made with art a long time ago. We'll take the best art from people we disagree with.

We can all see that there’s some Mafia that’s ganging up on Ye that might also share a culture, which isn’t a foreign concept, is he also a Nazi sympathizer? Absolutely. But I also listen to domestic abusers & murderers so, I’m leaving them beats on my playlist until someone else can cook like that. As they say, he literally made Graduation, and this podcast was fire. It was hilarious, informative, fly, racist, and God fearing.

I disagree with a lot of what they said, but I can see where he's coming from in a lot of what he says, I think a lot of it is purposefully fucked up, I think a lot of it is true, I think a lot of it is false, but overall the man's creative, and he's a GOAT!

This is the most consistent human in the world, people just don’t want to accept him for who he is because they like what he makes and that makes them think they have to like everything he thinks and does. I never agreed to that when signing up to be a fan. He makes great stuff but you can disagree with your favourite artists and still consume their art, and I still don’t think he should be censored or money should have been frozen from him just for having an opinion. I think people are using this opportunity to be very openly racist towards him & he’s reciprocating by being flagrant, racist, hilarious & flaunting how rich, talented & successful he's been, but that's not my business. All I'm saying is, that was hilarious, Ye's still dope, & Caravaggio used to stab people.

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