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ACID RANT is a Toronto based youth movement that is focused on fostering a community of critically thinking creative youth that want to change the world for the better. We do that through creating content by hip hop fans for hip hop fans that encompass everything from geopolitics to street beef, the way hip hop is supposed to. In 2019 Hip Hop became the biggest genre in the world and has become a staple in pop culture. From Kanye West talking to Trump in the White House, Hillary Clinton eating hot sauce on the breakfast club or Dennis Rodman being the first American in North Korea in decades, Hip Hop culture has influenced everything in mainstream culture. From politics to fine art, you can see a brush of hip hop in everything. But despite the influence, the content surrounding hip hop is always watered down, celebrity gossip or doesn’t encompass everything that hip hop is to the culture. As we enter a new decade, we’re here to disrupt the program. Acid Rant is going to be the hub for news, music, films, documentaries, podcasts and web series created and curated by and for people from the culture to inspire, uplift, enlighten and entertain.


ACID RANT stands for “Actualizing Creative Intellectual Dreams Requires Ambitious Nonstop Trying” We live by these words and if you’re down with the movement that means you do too. We’re focused on consistently bettering ourselves and our communities through our skillsets, consistently growing and expanding. That means growth financially, physically and most importantly mentally. Acid Rant was created with the belief that we can change the world one young person at a time, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. 

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